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Posture Perfect To Improve A Healthy Back

Posture Perfect for Men

Posture perfect for men. Posture usually isn’t something that most guys worry about like women do. Women are told to stand up straight with their shoulders back and walk tall however the same emphasis for some reason isn’t drilled into men at a young age.

The Perfect Posture for men

However without you knowing your posture speaks a lot about who you are. If you slouch people tend to think you are shy, introverted and lack confidence while on the other hand if you stand up straight with your shoulders square people will view you as confident, outgoing and friendlier. Not only does your posture speak volumes about your personality but bad posture can cause back and spine issues and are harder to correct the older you get.

1. Stand Straight

This might seem like a no brainer but the first step to improving posture is to make yourself more cognizant of how you are standing. If you feel your shoulders are rolled forward and you are leaning forward make a concise effort to stand up tall.

2. Exercise

Strong muscles help promote good posture. Make sure to stretch and lift with proper technique.

3. Get ergonomic furniture

Chairs with lumbar support and tables & desks at a comfortable height are just a few good ideas to look for when getting new furniture.

4. Don’t sit for too long: posture

If you work at a desk all day like most Americans try to get up at least once an hour. Your keyboard and mouse should be centered in front of you to straining your shoulder muscles. Avoid leaning forward towards the computer screen and use a chair that supports your back at all times.

5. Change your mattress

If your mattress and pillows are soft and lack support they can promote bad posture. Try a firm mattress and sleep on your back or your side.

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