Of all the activities we participate in on a daily basis, sleep is one of the most important to maintaining our overall health and fitness. Without sleep, we fatigue more easily at the gym, make poorer food choices, show less dietary discipline and slack on our skin and hygiene regimens. So it hardly seems fair that traveling often comes with a decline in the amount and/or quality of sleep. However, if you’re prepared, you can steal back some of the ZZZs that traveling usually takes away.

-          Pack Well – Taking your own pillow, a sleep mask and ear plugs can go a long way towards restoring your typical conditions.

-          Eat & Drink Early – Having a meal or cocktails just before bed can throw your whole sleep rhythm out of balance. While the body is engaged in an activity like digestion, it is unable to slow itself down to the peaceful state necessary for sleep. This goes double for caffeinated food and drink.

-          Keep the Time – Unless you’re traveling more than two time zones, or unless you plan on staying in your destination for more than a week, do your best to wake up and go to sleep within an hour of your normal waking and sleeping times. This will keep your natural cycle working in your favor towards healthy sleep.