Travel Therapy with Lindblad Expeditions

“Have you noticed how much is being written and publicly discussed lately about the brain?” asks Sven-Olof Lindblad, CEO of Lindblad Expeditions – a unique expedition travel company aimed at offering marine-focuse Travel Therapy with Lindblad Expeditions expeditions in alliance with National Geographic aboard small ships for adventurous travelers. “I happen to believe that going on an expedition is a form of brain therapy, so I’m fascinated by it,” he continues.

Lindblad then discusses a recent New York Times article, Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime by Matt Richtel, which the energetic professional just experienced — literally. “I took my two children to Galápagos in August,” he begins. “… and simply because I neglected to make the tech adjustment necessary, my iPhone didn’t work there. At first, I was quite concerned.” He quickly confesses that, according to others ‘concern’ looked a lot more like significant agitation. “There were a number of business communications I needed to receive and I felt I couldn’t be delinked that way. Then, as I thought about it, I reasoned that there was an internet connection aboard the ship, I could be reached and respond if necessary. And suddenly I relaxed.”

What happened next was an unexpected, yet welcome, experience. “Instead of staring at my device, anticipating communications coming in, I looked at my children and communicated with them,” says Lindblad. “…and[ I joined] other wonderful people onboard who were busily being present, in magical Galápagos.” After the trip, Lindblad describes a feeling of true revitalization, a phenomenon that he says occurs whenever he spends time drinking in the “tonic of wildness.” He also noticed a rejuvenating effect on his mind. “I came back to work with a better brain — a more spacious capacity to think and an enhanced ability to focus on issues.”

Needless to say, the busy CEO and constant traveler highly recommends the experience. “Go on an expedition — go get what nature never fails to give. And while you’re there, perhaps consider making yourself your own science project. Try delinking yourself from your devices [and] give yourself the life- and brain-enhancing experience of exploring our glorious planet, without the mediation of technology. I promise you’ll have no regrets.”

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