Winter Fashion Tips for Men

Just because winter brings with it cold, harsh weather doesn’t mean that you have to leave your fashion sense by the wayside to stay warm. Following a few timeless winter fashion tips you can look as stylish and fashion forward as you do in spring or summer even if it is a few degrees below freezing.

1. Buy More than One Coat – For most people, one winter coat is enough and they wear it with whatever outfit they’ve chosen for the day whether it goes with the clothes or not. For suits it is best to pair them with a wool topcoat to keep your body heat in while pairing well with your business-style wardrobe. Leather coats work well for more casual clothing like Dockers and a Henley sweater or a great pair of jeans and a frat-boy chic hoodie.

2. Wear Layers – Instead of going for that bulky overcoat that looks like a cross between the Stay Puff man and a sub-zero sleeping bag, layer fashionable clothing together to create an appeal look. Think of pairing long sleeve shirts with a vest and scarf or a leather jacket with a hoodie; this way you can stay warm without adding on an extra 20 pounds with a massive coat.

3. Ugg Boots are Never a Good Choice – No matter what anyone says, Ugg boots were never a good choice and will never be a good choice as winter wear… and spring, summer and fall for that matter as well. The boots are mostly restricted to women, but a certain set of men have fallen prey to the comfy look and feel of Uggs, losing any cred they had as a stylish man in the process.

4. Just Because it’s Winter Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Wear Color – Despite what many people think a winter wardrobe doesn’t mean you are stuck with colors like black, brown, dark blue, etc. Throw a little color into your winter wardrobe and what how much you stand out from the crowd in a stylish way as well as improve your mood just by reminding you of warmer, happier weather.

5. Get a Good Winter Hat or Two – Every man needs a good winter hat or two to cover their heads from the elements and to top off a great winter outfit. From a basic sky cap to a classic fedora, winter hats will add a bit of added dimension to your winter wardrobe. However, stay clear of hats that feature pom-poms, muffs, etc… you’ll thank us for the advice later.

6. Learn How to Wear a Scarf Properly – A lot of people when wearing scarves will do that thing where they throw one end over their shoulder and call it a trendy addition to their winter wardrobe; don’t do that. Most men can’t pull it off and will ruin any points they gained for an otherwise fashionable outfit. Instead learn to tie a scarf properly such as the Parisian way (folding the scarf in half, wrapping it around your neck and then pulling the two ends through the folded end into a knot) or the simple once-around knot in the front similar to a traditional tie.

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