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Sex Life Details Woman Share With Their Friends

What Details do Women Share about Their Sex Life

A conversation about a woman sex life share between two men sounds like this: Hey bro did you sleep with that hot chick at the bar the other night? Yes. It was amazing!” That’s about as deep as the rabbit hole goes for us men.

Details women share about their sex life

We don’t care about the details or how long it lasted, we just want to know the basics. Once we do we move on to other topics like sports or power tools. It just isn’t in our nature to focus our energy on knowing what other guys do in the bedroom. Women on the other hand have a completely different view of the sexual relationships of their friends. In their minds, whatever detail is left out could be critically important at determining whether or not he will call back. But how much do they really share, and how important is it to men that they share so much information of their Sex Life?

For most women, nothing is outside their realm of business

If one of their friends is going through a breakup they have to know every detail. No matter what the conversation is about women are attuned to the emotional experiences of the people that they care about, and when it comes to sex nothing is off limits. So if you’re wondering what details women share about their sex life, you might want to stop and realize maybe you don’t want to know. However, there are three particular areas that women focus most of their conversations about sex on.

How big you are

Chances are, if your girlfriend and her friends are chatting about your love life the size of your penis is going to come up. It is just one of those standard questions that cannot be avoided, and if she likes you she may even exaggerate your size to make herself look better. In fact, you can be pretty confident that any of your girlfriend’s friends you come in contact with already know the size of your manhood. However, you can find some solace in the fact that your girlfriend knows the size of all of her girlfriend’s boyfriend’s penises. In other words, you’re not alone when it comes to them talking about your sex life.

If she came to orgasm

Whether or not they have an orgasm is also a very common topic. If you fail to pleasure your girl with a orgasm her friends will know about it the next day. Now, this isn’t always a bad thing because if your performance is great you will become the topic of many a conversation in a positive way. Also, if you and your girl are in a new relationship she will probably give you leeway at the beginning of your sex life and leave out the unpleasant aspects until a little later.

Their sex fantasy’s: Sex Life

Women also share their wishes and fantasies with their friends instead of with their boyfriends. Women feel comfort in knowing that their friends will not reject them for their fantasies and so they openly share them with the women their closest to. This puts them in the perfect situation to learn about what your girlfriend or wife likes in the bedroom. If you are feeling bold, you can always ask her friends what she likes in the bedroom for ideas to spice things up.

In the end, men and women will never be identical when it comes to sharing emotions and feelings, but we can try to reconcile the two by keeping an open mind and ears when it comes to her desires.

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