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Erectile Dysfunction Drugs How Not To Abuse It

Using and Abusing Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

For the many men that legitimately suffer from erectile dysfunction, drugs like Viagra, Cialis and others offer a chance to enjoy life to its fullest. However, like any drug, these prescription medications carry a number of risks. And for those that use the drugs recreationally for sexually pleasure, these risks are amplified.

Guide to using Erectile Dysfunction Medications

Most erectile dysfunction medications are vasodialators, which means they cause blood vessels to expand. This allows more blood to flood the penis, creating an erection, but it also creates increased sensitivity to touch in erogenous zones and in the lips. It is for this reason that ED treatments first worked their way into the healthy population’s sex practices.

The Risks of ED Medications

Erectile dysfunction, Studies found women and men both report heightened pleasure and sexual satisfaction. But they’re also taking on a significant risk. For instance, the active ingredient in many of these drugs has a negative reaction with nitrates, which are found in heart medications, but also are present in most wines. This reaction can onset rapidly, and cause death through a sudden drop in blood pressure and cardiac arrest. Considering alcohol and foreplay often go hand in hand, this can be a deadly scenario just waiting to happen.

As well, extended use and misuse of these drugs can cause problems with vision, headaches, fainting or blood vessel damage from priapisms (erections that last exceedingly long). These side effects can vary greatly from one medication to the next, though all are known to react poorly with other prescription medications.

Black market Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Add to that the fact that once a drug is being obtained outside of a trusted medical setting, there are bound to be counterfeit drugs entering the black market scenario. These are particularly dangerous as they are uncontrolled and laced with potentially harmful fillers and by-products. If erectile problems are actually present in your life, consult a physician for a valid diagnosis and prescription.

Alternatively, if you are using an ED medication illicitly, consider the side effects and why you feel the need to use the drug in the first place. It may be that there is a better, healthier solution for enhancing your sex life.

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