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Taking Advantage of You When Woman Do It

How to Know if a Woman is Taking Advantage of You

It’s one thing to be unsure about certain aspects of your relationship. A certain amount of uncertainty is healthy because it keeps you on your toes. It’s another to be unsure about everything in your relationship or even if you’re in a relationship. If you suspect that things aren’t right between you and her, here are some signs that could help you find out if a woman is taking advantage of you and help you make some important decisions.

How to know if woman is taking advantage of you

You’re Her Last Resort

So how do you know if a woman is taking advantage of you. It’s never nice to be the last number she dials after she’s called everyone else but that’s what you are. She knows you like her and want to hang out; so when she’s bored with nothing to do, your regular availability means that you’re her ready-to-go backup plan. She doesn’t need to make special time for you because you’re always there.

She Denies You

You’re sleeping together regularly and you even have some interesting conversations about dreams and goals but outside of the bedroom, she’s different. She constantly breaks dates with you and when you do go out in public, you can’t even hold her hand. You even heard her tell a friend that she’s not dating anyone special right now. She regularly denies you a place in her life. taking advantage of

You’re the Only One Working

Guys are supposed to be the ones who forget birthdays and anniversaries but with her, you don’t. You make the effort on Valentine’s Day, her birthday, even Christmas and it seems like you’re the only one putting in the time to keep things going. She doesn’t even say thank you when you cook dinner. With her, it’s about what you can do for her not what you both can do for each other. taking advantage of

Her Future Doesn’t Include You

When you look at your future, you see the possibility of her in it. You’re not thinking short term; you’re thinking longer, one, two, three years down the road. Her thoughts are only about the now or three months from now and your name barely comes up. If you’re chasing after her in the short term, chances are she’s not really interested in being with you for any term.

You Feel Resentment: taking advantage of

As much as you make excuses for her that she’s just working hard, she’s really busy and that you love taking care of her, little things start to eat at you. You start to resent the fact that you can’t get her on the phone a majority of the time or that you can’t even show the littlest amount of affection in front of others. No matter how deep your denial, a part of you knows that things aren’t right and that she’s not right for you.

Everyone has their own quirks and navigating through them is a normal part of any relationship. If you’re having problems getting to know her or even communicating with her about anything in a straightforward manner, chances are she’s playing games or worse, using you and you need to cut the ties and just move on.

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