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Rules for Texting A Girl You Just Meet

Rules for Texting

Rules for texting a girl So you’ve scored the digits great job, now comes the first interaction. Communicating has changed drastically with the introduction of technology in our everyday lives such as instant messenger, email, and text messaging. Now it’s not always necessary to have those awkward first calls to set up a date with long uncomfortable pauses you can just pick up your cell and jot over a quick line. Now if you’re not in to the texting game we recommend you learn to adapt… quickly.

Master the art of the text with the rules for texting a girl.


Always read your message twice before sending. As with a business email you wouldn’t just fire away without double checking your work. Make sure what’s on your text is what you really want to say.

Be as clear as possible

Until she gets an idea of your hilariously funny dry sense of humor try not to crack too many jokes or be sarcastic. Your facial expressions and tone of voice are what sell a joke and without either it can get pretty weird, fast don’t sent another text until she gets it that the rules for texting.

Don’t over text

If she’s not responding put the phone down and check it later don’t fire off multiple messages and questions at one time.

Time your response

If she takes 5 – 10 minutes to respond take the same amount of time to respond. You don’t want to seem too eager.

Be careful with your emoji’s

Don’t use x’s and o’s or smiley faces until you meet even if she does. Girls are allowed to use those things.

Give it some time. rules for texting

Take your finger off the trigger. Don’t try to set up your date on the first text. If she wants to play back and forth engage then wait for the right moment to suggest a date.

No sexting on the first text

No sexually suggestive texts until you have met in person and established a chemistry. Being too aggressive can put you out of the running in a hurry.

Be yourself. rules for texting

The most important rule in a relationship is to be yourself. Trying to be too funny or taking too long to think of the right thing to say can just make it hard to get to know each other.

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