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Self Love Masturbation Can Be Good For You

self love

Most of us don’t like to admit it our self love, but the vast majority of all people have engaged in masturbation at least once in their lifetimes. And while no one wants to risk being labeled a deviant who can’t stop touching themselves, there are some real health benefits associated with occasional self love. People who engage in masturbation (both male and female) report feeling more self confident, more satisfied with their sex lives, improved sleep, reduced stress and tension, lower blood pressure, and better awareness of their sexual health.

Self love masturbation can be good for you

To take some of the taboo out of self love, consider inviting your partner to participate with you. Hand-held toys can be pleasurable for solo time or together time, and a wide variety allows you to choose the size, intensity and style of stimulation (buzzing vs. rolling, heat, cold, etc.).

Open your mind to the possibilities and you’ll find that you can enhance your sex life (even if you have no traditional sex life to speak of). Contrary to social beliefs, as long as you’re not rushing home to masturbate or choosing masturbation exclusively over interpersonal contact, then you don’t have a “problem,” you’re just a normal person who has taken their sexual and mental health to heart.

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