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Simple Valentine’s Day Solutions For Men

Simple Valentines Day Ideas at Home

So guys when it comes to valentine’s day unless you’ve got some sort of relationship death wish, there’s no reason whatsoever to subject yourself and your significant other to the offerings of commercialized, pre-packaged Valentine’s Day romance with some lingerie. You’re both better than that.

Simple Valentine’s Day Ideas you can do at home that are sure to impress

Become Your Own Restaurant

Simple Valentines Day Ideas at Home

We’ll make this easy. Go to your butcher counter, grab 4 lamb loin chops (not the lollipop rib chop style – these look like mini T-bones). Sprinkle with salt and pepper, a little tarragon, pop into a hot non-stick pan to get a sear on both sides and then transfer to a cookie sheet in a 350 degree oven until it reaches desired done-ness (8 minutes will give you a solid medium). Pair with potatoes, green beans or other veggie of choice and a nice smooth cabernet (also goes excellently with champagne). Cook it together for a nice activity, and enjoy without all the pretentious restaurant crap that comes along with Valentine’s day. Want more of a challenge and more glory afterwards – start with the same lamb loin chops and try this phenomenal recipe courtesy of the Food Network and Bobby Flay.

Your Own Private Spa

Simple Valentines Day Ideas at Home

We know you have no desire to walk around in little matching robes and paper flip flops, but your lady almost definitely does. Do the next best thing by hiring a professional team on Valentine’s Day to come give you a couples massage in the privacy of your own home. They’ll bring the tables, oils, and all the essentials – and clean it up afterwards too.

Host a Valentine’s Day Party

Host a party for valentines

So you don’t need the one-on-one time, but you DO want to celebrate in a big way. Great! Gather up your like minded friends who want to skip the greeting-card version of valentine’s day and throw an awesome party instead. Serve Cosmo Bubbles for the ladies… start with a basic Cosmo martini recipe. and add a floater of champagne as a finisher. For your guy friends, break out the expensive scotch and order some tasty appetizers from your local market to pick up in advance.

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