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Tantric Yoga for Better Sex With Your Woman

The Benefits of Aerial Yoga and Why You Should Try It Tantric Yoga for Better Sex

Have you ever wanted to experience an orgasm that lasts for hours on end with nothing but complete euphoria as the side effect? Well, now you can if you want to. Tantric couples Yoga has been practiced for many of years in Eastern religions, especially by Buddhists.

Can Couples Tantric Yoga Spice up your Sex Life

Tantric is a spiritual science that frees and liberates individuals from the ties they have to the Earth. It may sound slightly hooky but Tantric practice, when done correctly, can create an entirely new way to see the world. Of course, it can also be used to improve your sex life. Want to know how?

As Westerners we have an invested interest in anything that has to do with sexual function and for this reason Tantric sex has become extremely popular in the United States over the past several years. If you are interested in using Tantric yoga to improve your sex life there are a few things that you need to know and understand before you begin your journey. The definition of Tantra means “woven together” and is a spiritual process which binds men and woman together in one with God.

A Western translation of this is slow non-orgasmic intercourse. Many couples misinterpret the purpose of Tantric yoga and use it more as an exercise than a path to enlightenment, but even if you are not religious you can still benefit from Tantric yoga in your sex life.

Yoga Mind Body and Soul

Yoga itself is the practice of meditation and mind-body awareness. In our overscheduled and modern lives it can be difficult to slow down and recognize the beauty that is around us constantly. However, Tantric yoga allows us to do just that. When incorporated into our sex life yoga can help us connect deeper to our partners and can help us gain appreciation for their souls as well as their bodies. For us men an extended orgasm is often balked at even within the scientific community, but yoga can help us make it a reality.

Long Lasting Intense Orgasms

If you want to learn how to have an orgasm for several minutes or even hours then consider our step by step guide to Tantric sex and discover for yourself how amazing sexual intimacy can truly be.

3 steps to amazing tantric sex: tantric yoga

Step one.

Sit on the floor facing one another with your clothes off. Gaze into each other’s eyes for several minutes. Next, work on synchronizing your breath with your partners. Inhale when they inhale and exhale when they exhale and do this for several minutes.

Step two.

Once you have synchronized your bodies together and emotionally connected through meditation, you can then begin to move on to intercourse. Before you jump into the act itself you must express your love through kissing and soft touch with one another. The sense of security you both feel is enough to heighten your entire body to the point of no return.

Step three. tantric yoga

Keep eye contact throughout the entire lovemaking process and stay connected to each other. When your body feels as though it will reach a tipping point, hold back. The act of restraining and self-control will help you build up to orgasms that last for minutes or even hours. These extended orgasms are the entire point of tantric sex and cause people to never return to their old way of having sex.

If you want your love life to increase and want to tap into better sex, then you must think outside the box and not be afraid to put your mind and body to the test with Tantric Yoga.

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