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Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating Tips for Men

In today’s high paced technology driven world many men are choosing to find their future girlfriend online. Dating sites like eHarmony or are very popular with both men and women. But just because you have an account with one of these sites doesn’t mean you will automatically have the woman of your dreams fall into your lap. You have to put forth some effort. There are several things you can do to man up and attract the right kind of woman via an online dating site. We have listed a few online dating tips for you to keep in mind with your dating adventure.

Online dating tips for men to navigate the ups and downs

1. Be yourself

This is the number one online dating tip for a reason. Never falsify any information you put up on your profile. You don’t want to look like a douche when you show up to the date sporting a pot belly when you professed to be a physical trainer online. It won’t do you any good to lie about yourself, she will eventually find out the truth.

2. Don’t go over kill on the sap story

Women don’t want to date a man who’s an emotional wreck. No one on any site wants to hear the story of how you and your ex broke up and she took the dog and the house. A simply overview of your background is all that is necessary when it comes to online dating tips.

3. Be careful of the photos you post

You might think that a picture of you playing Xbox represents you appropriately, but any self-respecting female will click to the next match. Use a business photo, or a picture of your most recent vacation as your profile pic. If there is room for more photos on your profile use pictures that represent who you are and what it is you like to do. Women will be much more impressed if they see a pic of you water skiing then of you playing video games. online dating tips

4. Share the right details

When you fill out your profile information make yourself stand out by mentioning your hobbies, interests, and goals that are unique specifically to you. Every dude can say, “I love walking on the beach at sunset” but only you can say, “I am a marathon runner and have ran in over 10 races”. See the pattern here? Make her want to get to know you better by giving away some interesting facts about you.

5. Start communication on the right foot: online dating tips

Profiles let you set the rules about what you will say. Why not be original by asking a question right in your profile? If a woman is interested in you they can easily break the ice by answering your question. It makes it easier on both of you to start communicating right away. Use all of the online dating tips at your disposal but remember, only you can do the actions to make online dating work for you.

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