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Celebrity Fitness IG stories on Instagram

Instagram has many inspiring celebrity fitness IG stories related to fitness and weight loss. In fact, there are stories of fitness and building physique spread all over the app. However, if you are looking for some motivation to hit the gym, you needn’t look far. Just log in into Instagram, feed hashtags like #fitnessinspiration, #healthyliving.

Top Inspiratinal Celebrity Fitness IG stories

So, we have enlisted the top 6 fitness stories on Instagram for you to check out. From weight loss stories to muscle gain IG stories, everything that will leave you inspired:

Mathew Fraser

Mathew Fraser’s commitment to fitness is the talk of the town. He is one of the fittest men on the earth. Not only is he a CrossFit enthusiast but a fitness inspiration too. As a result, his commitment and passion for workouts are evident in his IG stories. From lifting heavy deadlifts to presses on the bench, it’s all over Instagram. Pace yourself towards fitness watching his posts.

Dwayne Johnson: celebrity fitness IG stories

Who is unaware of “The Rock” and his craze for fitness? Dwayne Johnson and his Instagram stories are fitness goals. In addition find some brutal workout and training regimes in this celebrity account. In fact, he shares constant posts and videos of him working out in the gym. If you are looking for some hard-hitting inspiration check out his posts. We promise it will leave your adrenaline high.

Don Saladino

This fitness lover has not only inspired his followers but many celebrities too. Don Saladino is a fitness trainer. In fact, he is the reason behind the transformation of David Harbour, Ryan Reynolds, and other superheroes. With his sculpted physique, he can give any celebrity a run for their money. Don’s Instagram stories are the ultimate workout posts and quotes. He share his training videos on daily basis. Besides building muscles, he also built up his followers count.

Gideon Akande

This Golden Glove Champion’s charisma will leave you floored. In fact, his fitness regime is as super fun and energetic as him. Check out his Instagram stories. This fitness trainer deems to inspire his followers. He ensures everyone head towards a healthy life style. If you are looking for some versatile workouts, do not forget to take a peek into his account. Follow them and try them. Who knows maybe you will share your weight loss stories next? on celebrity fitness IG stories

Sam Asghari

He is not just famous as Britney Spears’ Beau but also for his great physique. Look at his Instagram feed and you will find him giving some fitness goals. Sam Asghari is a fitness fashion model and an aspiring actor. However, Asghari’s feed will leave anyone inspired and envied for his well-sculpted body. Are you looking for an inspiration on your fitness? Well, do not miss to watching his solo workouts. and get ready to have your jaw drop in awe.

Thor Bjornsson: celebrity fitness IG stories

Firstly, who doesn’t know “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones? Thor Bjornsson stays true to his epithet. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of his fitness and weight loss stories and you will know his craze for fitness. No wonder he is termed World’s Strongest Man. His feed comprises of him pumping some irons, deadlifts, and many inspiring workout videos. There, you can watch him deadlift over 1,000 pounds and down liquid chicken shakes. We are pretty sure, he will inspire you to push yourself into transforming from fat to fit.

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