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How to Get Bigger Arms With These Exercises

How to Get Bigger Arms in Just Two Weeks

Big arms are vital if you are a competitive bodybuilder, but even if you never plan to compete having a good set of well-developed arms certainly turns heads, always has and always will. Building muscle does take time and hard work so don’t expect to gain huge biceps in two weeks time however you can build bigger arms by slightly increasing their size.

Here are some tips to build bigger arms.

Big arms are strong arms and increasing your strength as you know very well will generally increase your overall lean body mass. To get big arms you need to train your arms with high intensity at least twice a week but you will be getting other benefits from increasing the strength in your arms as mentioned above.

The first step in training your arms to get them bigger.

Start every arm workout with chin-ups. Although considered a good back exercise chin-ups are great for bicep and forearm strength as well as grip strength. You can add more weight by using a dipping belt or even wrap a towel around the bar to increase your grip strength.

You should do about five sets of eight reps.

Each time add more weight when you are able to. After doing these five sets to start your arm workout you are then going to triceps by doing dips. Some great well-known athletes recommend the V-shaped dipping bar and executing each rep with full range of motion to really hammer your triceps.

Make sure your movement and elbows are inline.

You should be able to pinch a sheet of paper between your biceps and forearms and make sure that you lock your elbows out at the top of the movement. Just as when doing chin-ups you should add more weight when you are able to do five sets of five reps each.

Your third exercise when blasting your arms is getting more isolated using preacher curls.

Using dumbbells or a barbell doing preacher curls will hit the long head of your biceps and will develop the peak of the bicep. You should try and lower the weight slowly over three or four seconds to increase your muscle growth.

The last exercise to finish your arm workout is skull-crushers.

You are doing this exercise at the end of your workout because of the potential stress on your elbows if you have not warmed up correctly. You should use dumbbells or an EZ bar and lie on a bench or the floor. Aim for three sets of 20 reps, getting a good stretch in the bottom position and exploding up on each repetition.

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