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Grooming Guide For Men to Match their Watch

Grooming Guide for Men

If there is one grooming guide, you will ever need, this is it. A perfect watch can make or break your look, and we are not exaggerating. It can make your formal look a little stylish and give your casual a fun look. If there is one investment, you should make, it is buying a nice watch. There are various different types of watches, and it is essential to know which one to pair with which outfit. It seems like a lot of effort, but it really isn’t. With our handy grooming guide for men, we will help you pair your perfect outfit with your perfect watch.

Grooming Guide for Men – How to Match your watch with your outfit


Grooming Guide for Men

For a black tie or white tie occasion, keeping it simple is the best option. A simple dress watch with the classic black leather band will look great while not being distracting when paired with a formal suit. It should look timeless instead of being flashy.

Dressy Business

Grooming Guide for Men

For a slightly less formal occasion, but still a business occasion, it is best if you keep it stylish and formal with a simple, classic watch with a silver or gold accents. A timeless gold or silver band watch will work great. If you own a Rolex now is the time to bust it out. Any grooming guide for men will tell you having a Rolex you cant go wrong. Stick to a dark suit with a simple silver or gold option.

Casual Business

Grooming Guide for Men

For casual business try a light linen suit and no ties. A sleek Chrono watch, a pilot or a smart field watch pairs well and might be your best bet. Since this is a more casual event, you can afford to be more expressive with your style.

Smart Casual

Even though you can wear any of the watch categories with your jeans, shirt and dress boots combination, stick to metal straps as leather straps might be more formal (with exceptions, of course). However, you can also go for digital watches, which should be avoided in the formal occasions.

Sporty: Grooming Guide for Men

Whether you are running chores, going to the gym, or indulging in physical activities like hiking, sports, etc., go for a digital watch which is specially designed for such wear and tear. Sports watches are generally protected with materials which enables one to focus on the activity, without needed maintenance.

Pair with Leather: Grooming Guide for Men

You think your watch with the leather strap goes hand in hand with whatever you wear? That is where you are making a major fashion mistake. In such case check it against the color of your shoes. Firstly match your belt with your shoes and then look forward to matching your watch with both. Simply put, a black watchband goes well with black shoes and black belt. Similarly, your brown watchband will look good with brown shoes and belt.

The importance of a watch should not be undermined because it can instantly elevate your look, as well as justify your clothing. Accessories are crucial when we talk about fashion, and a watch might be the most critical accessory when it comes to men’s fashion. There are so many options to choose from, so go ahead and have fun.

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