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High Calorie Foods that are Good for You

Four High Calorie Foods that are Good for You

If you want to lose weight you need to starve yourself and eat plain, bland, boring, and tasteless steamed or boiled food right, combined with plenty of salad and vegetables? Wrong! It’s still amazing how many people actually believe that in order to lose weight and be healthy and happy they must eat tasteless food that’s virtually calorie free. What you need to do is stay away from high calorie foods.

The right calorie food can be good for your body

Calories aren’t the enemy, calories are our friend as they are literally what fuel us. We consume calories, and the body metabolizes then converts them into glucose to be used as energy to get us through the day. Providing you consume less calories, from healthy sources, than the body needs, then you will still lose weight, if you consume less calories than the body requires. Once you create a calorie deficit, the body then panics and dips into your body fat stores for an emergency source of energy, how much fat it is able to metabolize however, all depends on how well the metabolism is working. If you starve yourself, the metabolism will barely work, and will basically just be ticking over. If you consume the right foods however, you’ll be healthier and happier, and will lose weight far more effectively as a result. It’s just a question of which high calorie foods happen to be healthy for you as well.


Salmon is an oily fish that’s rich in protein but also rich in calories thanks to the omega 3 fatty acids that it contains. Omega 3 fatty acids help our brains to function, they help our joints, our bones, our muscles, our eyes, and our ears stay healthy. Simply put, they are one of the healthiest foods on the entire planet. Salmon can even help boost the metabolism which in turn helps us to lose weight so don’t let the fact that they’re high in calories fool you, they’re still incredibly healthy and high calorie foods.

Olive oil

Not all oils are bad for you, as proven here in this instance thanks to humble olive oil. Olive oil is rich in calories but it’s actually rich in healthy fats, known as monounsaturated fats. These healthy fats actually help to lower harmful cholesterol levels, they help boost metabolism, and they can even help protect against heart disease and cancers. Use olive oil in place of butter or margarine and you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.


Avocado is another food that’s naturally rich in calories but also hugely healthy and packed full of healthy goodness. They’re packed full of fiber, minerals including potassium, vitamins C and K and many more nutrients for that matter. They’re also rich in healthy fats and although they’re classed as a fruit, they contain almost no natural sugars at all.

Nuts and seeds high calorie foods

Nuts and seeds, provided they’re natural and not salted or topped with any artificial flavorings, are also high in calories and high in natural goodness. They’re all naturally rich in protein and amino acids, as well as vitamins, fibre, and minerals as well. They’re also low in saturated fats making them an ideal source of energy due to the calories.

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